With an experienced staff, LandTec provides highly specialized consulting services in the field of geotechnical engineering and testing.  Utilizing a variety of tools and resources, LandTec can evaluate the soil and groundwater conditions at a proposed site and provide criteria useful in determining developmental costs prior to purchase and/or provide criteria for the Architects and Design Engineers to use in preparing the foundation design.  In addition, LandTec uses information gathered to provide recommendations related to earthwork and site developmetn activities associated with the project.

Site Exploration and Investigations:

  • Preliminary Geotechnical Explorations
  • Final Geotechnical Explorations
  • Preliminary Feasibility Studies
  • Rock Studies and Blasting Quantification
  • Detention Pond Dam Evaluations
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Settlement and Foundation Failure Evaluations

Design and Recommendations:

  • Foundation Design Criteria for Design Engineers
  • Earthwork and Mass Grading
  • Reinforced Earthen Slopes
  • Stabilization of Weak Solils

Retaining Walls:

  • Modular Retaining Wall Design and Plan Preparation
  • Slope and Global Stability Analysis
  • Compaction Testing of Backfill Soils
  • Wall Certification Services

On-Site Septic Systems:

  • Level 3 Soil Survey
  • Percolation Testing
  • Septic System Design and Plan Preparation


  • Pavement Consulting Services
  • Laboratory Testing Services